Temora Preschool & Out of School Hours Inc.

Management Committee


The management committee (made up of parents elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March), are reponsible for the overall management of the Preschool and OOSH. This committee meets the second Tuesday each month to discuss the business, maintenance, educational and social aspects of the centre which needs to be addressed.


The committee is also responsible for making decisions relating to the centre's future; classes run, building, grounds, maintenance and as well what resources and equipment may be purchased.


Every second month parents are invited to come along to these meetings and have their say and provide input into the decisions made at the centre.


Parents attendance at these meetings is encouraged, as it is a way of being informed about your child's education, it is also a great way to meet other parents in Temora.


A membership levy of $3.00 is charged to parents in term one to ensure voting rights at meetings.


The 2018Temora Preschool Committee:


President                  Claire Reid

Vice President          Jane Booker

Treasurer                  Toni Scott

Secretary                   Belinda Bushell

Committee member   Nicole Crawford

Committee member   Lauren Williams

Committee member   Margo Townsend

Without this committee the Preschool and OOSH cannot operate as it is a condition of our funding and licensing